Month: September 2020

Pre-Order Available – Book 4 of Oceania: The Underwater City Series!

After their rescue from Shark Station, Allie has yet another challenge to survive—the Oceania Exchange Program. This time, she’ll have to face it without Dylan’s help. Can she survive it? Find out on October 16th, 2020 when the eBook goes live on Amazon. Paperback and Hardcover copies soon to follow.


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Reeling after the tragedy on Shark Station, Allie finds herself left alone to face the aftermath of the deal she made to save everyone on Shark Station. Appointed as head of the exchange program by Mayor Cho, Allie is now in charge of ten Land Dweller exchange students eager to experience life in the underwater city. As she introduces them to the city and abyss she loves, they encounter a monster of the deep she never thought she’d see again. The presence of the creature sets off a chain of events Allie is unprepared for. Yet, an even greater danger is lurking in the depths, unseen and unknown. This time, Allie may have to face it alone without the help of her friends.