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Now Released – The Sequel to Oceania: The Underwater City!

Allie’s Return – Now Available to Purchase

Allie’s adventures in Oceania continue in Allie’s Return. Now out in Paperback and ebook! You can get it on Amazon.

Two summers ago, Allie and Dylan exposed the secret underwater city of Oceania. Now the Above World and Oceania are once again united but that’s all about to change. The Great Plague has resurfaced and spread through the land-dwelling world. To protect Oceania, all outsiders are barred from the city, but not before Dylan sneaks Allie in to protect her. Unable to risk infection by returning home, Allie is forced to find a place in the highly academic society of Oceania. While the Above World scrambles to find a cure to the deadly plague, Allie struggles to find her place in the community that she’s illegally become a part of. Will she be able to find her place amongst the Oceanians or will the perfection-based haven be too much for her to handle?


Full of adventures to rival the first book, Allie’s Return continues with riveting undersea action and exploration that will immerse you in the world of Oceania and leave you wanting more.

New Book Release!

Guess what?! Another Oceania: The Underwater City book will be released next month! It’s called Allie’s Return. Check out the teaser synopsis and book cover below. If you wish to read more, head over to the Books page.



Teaser Synopsis

Two summers have passed since Allie first discovered Oceania. In just those two years, the world has changed but not for the better. Another plague is ravaging the world and Allie is whisked away to Oceania by Dylan for protection. Unable to return to the surface, Allie is forced to find a way to integrate herself into the world of Oceania. Will she be accepted even though she’s once again entered the city illegally? Will she find her place among the Oceanians or will she find the society she once saw as a haven overly restrictive and too much for her to handle?

Oceania: The Underwater City is Now in PAPERBACK!

I have great news! My book now has a print format in addition to the ebook one! I published the print book through CreateSpace.com and it’s available through the CreateSpace eStore or Amazon.com. If you don’t have a preference of Amazon over CreateSpace, buying through the CreateSpace eStore will support me more, allowing me to continue writing more Oceania: The Underwater City books. If you prefer a physical copy to an ebook, buy now at one of the above links!


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Book Release Information

Hey, everyone! My debut novel will be coming out the week of December 12th, 2016. It’ll be my first time using Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, so I’m not sure exactly which day it will show up on the Kindle Store. As the time for the publication comes closer, I’ll hopefully have more information on the exact date.


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