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New Exclusive Blog Posts-Sea Creatures Part 1 & 2

Hey Everyone!


There are two new blog posts on my exclusive content blog, elizataye.blogspot.com. They are part of a three-part series where I am highlighting all of the animals and plants featured in Oceania: The Underwater City. The first two parts are now available. The first part covers the marine life and the second part covers the intertidal life. The third and final part will cover deep-sea life and will be posted on 1/6/17.


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Sea Creatures Part 1— Marine Life

Sea Creatures Part 2—Intertidal Life


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Book Release Information

Hey, everyone! My debut novel will be coming out the week of December 12th, 2016. It’ll be my first time using Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, so I’m not sure exactly which day it will show up on the Kindle Store. As the time for the publication comes closer, I’ll hopefully have more information on the exact date.


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