About the Author

Eliza Taye has always had an insatiable desire for stories of any kind, whether they be books, audiobooks, video games, films, or plays. If it has a story element to it, she enjoys it. After obtaining a marine science degree, she became inspired to write sci-fi in addition to the fantasy stories she wrote growing up. Two material things Eliza could never live without: books and music. She never leaves the house without at least one book and a way to listen to music. Music fuels her passion for storytelling, allowing her to daydream that she’s defeating bad guys, exploring unknown worlds, or wielding swords of destiny, when in reality, she’s just writing about it. She writes sci-fi, fantasy, and action adventure novels for young adults.


More About the Author

I’m an introverted night owl who loves to escape into the myriad world of books. When I was a shy kid, I would stick my nose in a book to shield myself from having to talk to other people. As an adult, I no longer do that, but I still struggle with coming out of my shell. Besides reading and writing, I enjoy traveling, photography, and all things science and nature. So far, I’ve been to twenty-seven of the fifty states in the USA and I hope to one day visit them all. Oftentimes my travels and observations of nature inspire my writing.

During college, I was amazed at how much we still don’t know in the science field. The various possibilities of what could still be out there to discover greatly inspired my debut novel Oceania: The Underwater City. Before obtaining my degree, I only read science fiction and hadn’t even considered writing in the genre. Now, I have many ideas for future sci-fi novels.


How did I get into writing?

It started when I was a kid and my family and I would go on road trips. With lots of driving time, there were plenty of opportunities for me to concoct story after story. After coming up with a never-ending story, most of my family never wanted to hear one from me again (but it did keep us entertained on long road trips). After that, I gave up on verbal stories and wrote stories whenever I could. I was always the one kid in class who asked the teachers what the maximum number of pages were in a paper or essay because I liked to write so much. I didn’t start to write complete full-length novels until my late teens, but since then I haven’t looked back.


Why do I write?

I see writing as a way to deal with problems that may never be solved in the real world. In stories the good person can always win, underdogs can have their day basking in glory, and the bad guys are defeated. Of course, real life often isn’t that way, but we can all dream, right?

As a reader and a writer, I noticed a widespread trend of contemporary literature becoming increasingly violent, dark, and morbid. I figured that I couldn’t be the only one in the world stuck in what feels like a fruitless search for content that didn’t make me cringe as I read. With clean books becoming fewer and far in between, I decided to go ahead and take the plunge to publish a novel. I’d written stories for quite a while, but never dug up the courage to try to publish. After college, when both the time and desire to read coincided, I learned about the big wide world of self-publishing eBooks. So now here I am, at long last sharing my writing with the world. Obviously, my writing isn’t for everyone, but if you’re looking for novels that will never contain a swear word, obscene sensuality, or graphic violence, you’ll enjoy my books.

So, if you’ve been looking for clean young adult Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Action Adventure you’ve come to the right place!