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turbid horizon

Book 5 of Oceania: The Underwater City Series

Allie’s been invited to participate in an ecological research survey…what could possibly go wrong?


After once again saving Oceania from total destruction, Allie thinks she can finally return to her studies and duties with the exchange students. But an offer to participate in an ecological study of the cave system she helped discover lures her back into researching the mutated fish found in the caves. Allowed to bring the exchange students along as part of the research team, Allie is able to keep her promise to Mayor Cho. Yet, things go awry from the start. The collection of a simple tissue sample nearly ends in disaster. The ROVs used to map the cave system begin to disappear without a trace. The discovery of a brand new species and a disturbing find in one of the tunnels causes the Oceania Security and Investigation team to be called, threatening the completion of their study. The ensuing investigation sets off a chain of events that will change the city of Oceania forever.



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