Life Plan Series

Life Designed

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What if you could control your destiny?


In Taeopia, there are two groups of people: The Decided and Undecided.

The Decided live a privileged life, knowing all their dreams will come true.

The Undecided live a life of uncertainty, for them the future is unwritten.


Every teenager, whether born into the Decided or Undecided, have the opportunity to choose their fate by writing a Life Plan, detailing the events of their future lives. Opal has known what she’s wanted out of life for as long as she can remember. Garrett, only days away from Submission Day has yet to write a single word of his Life Plan. Friends since childhood, Opal fears losing her best friend to the Undecided. Rather than cave to the pressure of society to write his Plan, Garrett begins to question the entire Life Plan system itself. His curiosity leads him down a trail of ever-increasing secrets surrounding his world. Yet time is running out and Garrett must make a decision before it’s too late.

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