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New Book Release!

Guess what?! Another Oceania: The Underwater City book will be released next month! It’s called Allie’s Return. Check out the teaser synopsis and book cover below. If you wish to read more, head over to the Books page.



Teaser Synopsis

Two summers have passed since Allie first discovered Oceania. In just those two years, the world has changed but not for the better. Another plague is ravaging the world and Allie is whisked away to Oceania by Dylan for protection. Unable to return to the surface, Allie is forced to find a way to integrate herself into the world of Oceania. Will she be accepted even though she’s once again entered the city illegally? Will she find her place among the Oceanians or will she find the society she once saw as a haven overly restrictive and too much for her to handle?

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