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New Exclusive Blog Post – Sea Creatures from Shark Station – Part 1

Hey Everyone!


I know I haven’t posted another blog post in way too long and I’m so sorry about that! I promise blog posts will be posted regularly for the duration of the year. For the sea creature specials, they will be every other week until the third part is posted. After that, blog posts will be every 3rd week except for specials that are multiple parts, those will be every other week. For the entire year, all blog posts will be relating to Shark Station. I have some exciting ones coming up so you can wait in anticipation for those. However, as usual, the first three subjects for the blog posts will be the same as for the previous two novels: inspiration for the story, sea creature features, and then sharing of my research for the novel, then after that the sky’s the limit (or would it be more appropriate to say the depths are the limit?) The first one has already been posted a few months ago, if you missed it, you can click here to read it.


Since shark station takes its name from the abundance of sharks near the station, I decided to switch up my sea creature features a little bit and have an entire one dedicated to sharks! Yes, sharks are getting their own blog post! I’ve even included the great white, which is unusual because I never repeat any of the sea creature features from previous novels, but I felt that it was necessary for this novel. So I hope you enjoy!


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Sea Creatures from Shark Station – Part 1

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