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New Exclusive Blog Post – Character Profile and Interview: Brodie

Hey Everyone!


The time has come for the character profiles and interviews for Terra Sea Merge! For this novel, I’ve changed things up a bit. Instead of putting the character profiles and interviews together in one blog post, I’ve split it between my blog and the website. Why? Because I wanted to ask questions of the exchange students that would give away key plot points of the novel. I felt like the questions and their responses would be more interesting if they related more closely to the plot of the story instead of leaving it to general questions. To access the interview part of the post, you’ll have to enter a password that will come from a line in the novel.

To read the first part, click the link below:

Character Profile: Brodie


To read the interview portion, you can click here and for the password, enter the first word in chapter 9 of Terra Sea Merge.


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