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Writing Update #1

Hey Everyone!


It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, so I wanted to give an update. I’m still working on the last Oceania book and I hope to have it released in late Spring to early Summer 2022. The next Life Plan Series novel is in the works too and if all goes to plan, it’ll be released sometime in 2022 as well. Until then, I have started a Kindle Vella story called The Elemental Valley: Fire. It will be a four-part volume, with a different elemental power in each volume. If you enjoy reading fantasy (specifically progression fantasy) you’ll enjoy this series. Check out the link below or click the picture to be taken to where you can read it.



Elemental Valley: Fire

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One comment on “Writing Update #1

  1. Hey, glad to read the update. I’ll have to glance thru the elemental fire story. Liked all your books. Read them all.

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